Possibly the best $100 we’ve spent this year

One of the things I really enjoy about living here is the fun stuff we get to do as a family. Two places that top the list are the Oklahoma City Zoo and Science Museum Oklahoma.

A few years back we invested in a zoo membership. We used it frequently so we added Joanna once she wasn’t free anymore and we’ve kept renewing it each year. We get the Family Plus Membership – it lets us take in an extra adult plus up to 5 kids. So it allows us to bring along a playmate for J and friend for me to talk to – perfect!

Then we heard about the Science Museum and decided to give it a try. The first time was when J was still free there, you don’t need a ticket until you’re 3. So we split the 6 person membership with a family of 4. That worked great for both families. (And, I checked with their staff to be sure that we weren’t breaking any rules by dividing it up). At first going here was basically a way to get out of the house and allow our girl to have fun climbing stairs -it was her favorite thing to do there at first. As she’s grown so have our experiences at the museum.

Between these two we have somewhere to go play all year! When it’s too cold or too hot the science museum is the winner. But, when the weather is just right the zoo wins every time.

Today we were headed to the science museum with friends. We got out in the parking lot and looked at each other and said it’s cool enough this could be a zoo day, so we got back in the van and drove across the parking lot and enjoyed the zoo instead. It’s great that they are right next to each other, we can change plans at the last minute with no problem.

One other thing about having the membership to each one is that we can go for an hour and that be enough for that day. We don’t have to stay all day to feel like we’re getting our money’s worth after paying to get in. Oh, and if we decide to buy a snack or souvenir we get a discount 🙂

If you are looking for memberships to either one, it could be helpful to know that Mathis Brothers sells discounted ones. Usually the Science Museum is in September and the Oklahoma City Zoo is in May. It’s worth a drive to the furniture store for the science one, but we got our zoo one in March when they had extra discounts directly through the zoo.



Blessings from Facebook and Friends

This afternoon before we headed out to the park I shared a post on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.53.24 PM

That’s the 4 bushes on the side of our house. They’ve been there since we moved in and we haven’t really touched them. Well, except for the one year that we raked leaves out from under them to use as mulch/nutrition for our garden. And, this summer they’ve just gotten big enough that I wanted them managed.

Within a few hours a friend posted that she texted me. It ends up she had left an electric trimmer on our porch! And, another neighbor brought an extension cord over when I asked if we could borrow one.

Morgan got to manage the electric trimmer while Joanna and I picked up the trimmings. It looks WAY better now!


This is one of the things I love about Facebook -the ability to share with others. What a blessing to ask for help and get it! I didn’t want to buy a tool that we’ll just use occasionally, for right now it made way more sense to try to borrow one. And, it worked -a friend saw it and offered help. In this case, not only did she offer, but she delivered. So cool!

Chick-fil-A is our favorite!

After 2 weeks out of town we knew we’d be visiting our favorite CFA sometime last week. Originally we planned to go on Thursday when they were hosting a fundraising night for Lilyfield -we’d be helping give a little cash to a good organization and getting some yummy food.

But, Tuesday we saw a Facebook post about it being Family Fun Night and getting to plant a flower. That was one of our favorite visits last year, we enjoyed the flower all summer. So, we switched up our plans and went Tuesday. It was great!

J had a wonderful time with the activity. She was able to decorate the pot, choose a flower, plant it and visit with her friends (the CFA employees while doing it).


It’s hard to describe how good it felt to walk in and have several employees smile at us, greet us by name, and ask about our trip. It really makes Edmond feel like home to have these relationships. One friend (employee) even took time to listen to our recent gluten situation and share a bit about her own experience and gave us some tips about what to order at CFA -so cool!

As it ended up I was there Thursday as well, volunteering with Lilyfield. It was fun – I was able to greet people, refill drinks, and I even got a tour of the kitchen. We knew J would be jealous, so we just told her I was volunteering with Lilyfield, but never filled her in on what exactly that meant. Someday she’ll be big enough to do all that too 🙂

We love Chick-fil-A, and this store in particular has been quite a blessing to us. When we visit we get fresh food, healthy choices, and fun conversation. It is like feeding our spirits as well as our bodies each time we go.

Gluten free pasta take one

Tonight’s dinner plan was spaghetti. Homemade meat sauce and new gluten free spaghetti to be exact. In an attempt to reduce clean up time and effort I decided we’d all 3 have the gluten free spaghetti rather than just making enough of it for Morgan and something else for me and J.

This brown rice spaghetti was only a success with our pasta-loving four-year-old. Of course that girl hasn’t yet met a noodle she didn’t like 🙂 

The other two of us, however just couldn’t do it. I guess the fact I don’t really like brown rice should have been a clue that I may not be a fan.

This rotini ended up being a winner for Morgan. I was glad we had something that works and tastes good for him. I tasted it, and could have eaten it too, but had made our regular spaghetti for me.

So, instead of one pasta pan, I ended up with three to wash tonight. 

And, now we know…brown rice spaghetti is out and 4 grain rotini is in. What an adventure this gluten free thing is 🙂